What does MIAN do?

What does MIAN do?


MIAN is an organization of enthusiastic volunteers who work on the basis of a mission. That mission is:

As an organization of volunteers we provide professional advice on organizing solidarity in containing and insuring risks. We work on behalf of the most vulnerable people in society, in particular those in developing countries. We operate on the basis of reciprocity and from a co-operative point of view. Our advice focuses on local needs and fits in with the local culture and structure.

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Importance of micro-insurance


The importance of micro-insurance: Stepping into the breach for the risks of the individual

For poor people in developing countries the financial consequences of sickness, disability or death are disastrous. They do not have their own capital or reserves. And they cannot fall back on the luxury of social services either. The alternative, private insurance, is way out of reach for these people. They are not even familiar with the concept of insurance. Even if insurance exists at all in such countries, the poorest inhabitants cannot afford it.

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Mian Organization

The people behind MIAN

Some 150 volunteers are member of MIAN. Most of them work in, or originate from the world of insurance. But these members also include bank workers, IT specialists and other professionals.

The work they do for MIAN is done in their spare time, but they do enjoy the moral support and material facilitation of their employers.

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Mian board

Board members:

Gert Hamming