The beating heart of MIAN


The projects working group

The beating heart of every single line, both domestic and foreign, converges in the projects working group, MIAN’s beating heart. In this working group, all of MIAN’s projects are controlled. One of the main tasks of the projects working group is to receive and assess the requests of projects delivered by NGO’s. In this way, the working group comes into contact with the so-called Western partner that takes care of the financing for the project, like the Rabobank Foundation, Oxfam Novib or Agriterra. Besides this, the working group has a number of other tasks:

  • Appointment of consultants to projects;
  • Ratifying the project team;
  • Maintaining contact with the consultants;
  • Appointing and coordinating relationship managers;

In judging the desirability of starting a certain project, the working group firstly asks itself the following question: does the project meet the criteria which we have carefully formulated? If so, and MIAN decides to further the project, the next step is the formation of a project team and the appointment of two consultants. The monitoring of the project starts immediately.


After the consultants have visited the project abroad and have made their first contacts, the (technical) consultants of MIAN make a joint decision about what the needs are exactly, in conjunction with the local population. This has to be done carefully, because micro insurance products are complex products when compared to the usual development aid.

The management of the Dutch part of the work is taken care of by the consultants. Overseas, they have the role of technical advisors and therein lies their responsibility. The working group monitors the progress during the entire course.