Project Uganda


Project Uganda: slowly but surely towards success


Early history

In 2003 the director of Suffice, Uganda, asked MIAN if it would be possible to unite micro insurance with micro finance. MIAN visited four SACCOS in South-western Uganda in November of 2005. Two of these SACCOS (Saving and Credit Cooperative Organizations) turned out to be seriously interested. They then contacted the University of Utrecht to enlist a student willing to do a few months of research into the local feasibility of micro insurance. This student, Bodil Donkers, left for Uganda in October of 2006 to do market research and to give workshops. Jan Ruijgrok and Lia van Hooff from MIAN joined her in December. In February 2007, Suffice withdrew itself and the process came to a standstill.



MIAN initiated the search for a sponsor to bring the project back to life. After screening the UCA (Ugandan Cooperative Alliance, the umbrella organization for SACCOS), Agriterra was willing to become donor/sponsor for the project. In consultation with Agriterra and MIAN, the UCA appointed a local consultant to do market research.

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